The daily efforts in cleaning the kitchen usually focus on what is perhaps more evident or is more visible as can be the glass ceramic, the sink or the counter top where the food is prepared. The extractor hoods are, however, the place where kitchens accumulate more grease and dirt.

It is advisable not to let grease accumulate and make it much harder to peel off; it is to clean the hood frequently and incorporate this into the routine of cleaning the kitchen.

Cleaning the extractor hood may seem like a real nuisance, but if you have enough information, with proper degreasing and disinfectant elements and with a little time it is much easier than a priori may seem.

The domestic bells usually have an extractor that sucks the smoke present in the kitchen and with a system that filters the fat particles. Its primary function is that; eliminate fumes to avoid odors and to stick to the walls.

It is vitally important to keep adequate maintenance and cleaning in the hood of any home since it is a part of the highly flammable kitchen and the grease accumulated in it can act as fuel and cause a fire. Besides, the accumulated fat hinders the work of extraction when clogging the filters when it collects for too long, assuming a waste useless under these circumstances. If you can do it by self, then one can take help of Exhaust Cleaning Company in the Phoenix region

But what are the steps to follow for proper maintenance of the extractor hood? The most important to consider are the following:

  • For the outside of the hood, that is, the visible part; It is recommended that it be cleaned every day as it can be done with the ceramic hob. The most effective technique is to spray the surface with a degreasing product and let it act for a few moments. Once the product has taken effect, it can be cleaned with a cloth previously moistened with hot water. Once the result is the right one, it can be dried with kitchen paper.
  • For the filters, the prudent thing for deep cleaning is to disassemble them once a month approximately and to wash them in the dishwasher. This can work in case they are not too dirty. If this is the case, what works best is to introduce the filters in a basin or bucket with boiling water and a stream of ammonia.
  • To clean the extractor and the interior area of the hood, the trick that works best is to put pots in the vitro with boiling water and a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. At the same time, you have to turn on the hood when the vapors take a while going up the grease will begin to come off downwards. The bell should be disconnected and then proceed to remove the oil to make it clean.

The frequency of these cleanings will always depend on the more or less intensive use that is given to the kitchen.

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