Range of Knife Types Along With Their Description

Do you know the main task and functions which are performed by every single knife out there? We can guide you. If you are about to buy a Damascus steel folding knife or if you want to buy any other knife kind then before buying them, you should know the main description of them. Here we will talk about paring knives, petty knife, slicing knife, usuba knife, utility knife.

Paring Knife Sub Types

  • No doubt that these paring knives show much amount of versatility They are commercial kitchen knives. If you will get a spear point paring knife then note that you are going to use it to remove corn right from a cob. If you want to break up heads of any of the lettuce type, if you want to peel fruits, for the tasks of cutting beans, then use this spear point paring knife all the time.
  • Then we have bird’s beak paring knives or you can call them with a name of curved paring knives. Their other name is tourne knives. These knives have downward part of the arching blade, because of this blade feature, peeling task will become easier for you.

Other Knife Types Description

  • Moving on to more knife types, we have bread knife. These bread knives are mainly available in right in a variety and range of between sizes. It is usually from 7″ to 10″ inches that these bread knives are manufactured. These knives also feature offset kind of handle designs, this feature is made so that user knuckles can remain safe from hitting. These knives have the straight blade or they do have slightly kind of curved blade, they have serrated edges and such edges are hence ideal and quite best for cutting bread and harder sort of rind fruits.
  • You can use a deba knife. It is an idea and recommended knife for the cutting fish tasks and cutting meat. To cut hard vegetables, for chopping tasks, you can well avail and use this deba knife. The usage and power showed by flank and shoulder knife are pretty awesome. These flank and shoulder knives, they are a kind of boning knife and they are quite excellent in use to cut steaks. They have straight and stiff blades and they are much perfect so that precise cuts can be created and made. For tasks of boning and trimming, for tasks of jointing, feel free to use as flank and shoulder knife.
  • This Gyoto knife, it is just an almost similar to working like that of a chef’s knife. This Gyuto knife comes with a multi-purpose blade. It is lighter in form and a thinner knife. Its blade style has a flatter edge. If you want to show faster push-cutting kind of abilities, if you want to have a knife which is quite easier to handle then you can use a Gyoto knife.


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